Our Vision

Split The Bill vision is setting a new social trend for new and existing friends to enjoy a life of luxury in style. By using Split The Bill, users will enjoy the nightlife in style while saving time and cost. Split The Bill is committed to provide our users with the highest quality, innovation, and services to bring multiple people together in sharing an experience. Split The Bill will exceed users expectations by connecting the right venues, promoters and splitters together. Split The Bill provides the finest and most cost efficient way to budget for all nightlife entertainment.

Our Team

Meet the Split The Bill team members that make's it all possible!

Joel Pederson

Pederson Joel has over 12+ years of experience in formulating business ideas, and establishing critical business relations within multiple industries.

Kathy Vu

Kathy has had over 20+ years of sales experience in retail, wholesale and finances.

Bryan Zagury

V.P of Business Development & Operations
Bryan has over 10+ years of experience in the nightlife and hospitality industry in Las Vegas. He specializes in booking VIP Tables, organizes customers’ activities and their whole trip, but most of all provides an amazing experience. Bryan also takes care of the Asian clientele and has access to the best clubs in China, Korea and Japan.

Rami Salhieh

Chief Technology Officer with over 15 years of experience and extensive knowledge & understanding of all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle. Specialized in creative problem solving and lean management skills to achieve optimum utilization of the company’s resources and to maximum their profits. Superior knowledge in Business Development and Customer Relations with expertise to analyze and improve marketing, sales and operational performance, to develop products, markets and relationships.